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Posted on June 20, 2006. Filed under: Life, Technologi, VentureOfMine |

Im on this panel today 😉 – after having raged a bit against the Tree Hugging/Sugar Ambience at the Forbes conference – Mr. Forbe´s did not hessitate to send one of the best (and most alive moderatros to ask me to Spice it up). The cool thing is that one of my business heros Thor is on the panel and tis will be first time to meet him 🙂

3:45PM – 4:40PM Where’s That New Blood…is ambition waning in Europe?Like it or not, business bears a polite resemblance to war. New businesses are usually started by warrior types out for personal gain, looking to make a lot of money. From Gates to Kamprad, from Sam Walton to Berlusconi, it¹s hard to find a non-competitive self-made billionaire. What seems arguable is that Old Europe’a welfare state, with its diminution of the personal profit motive may inhibit the entrepreneurial spirit. One-time Tetra Pak CEO Hans Rausing has complained that Swedish industry is like a forest made up only of giant trees, with no saplings beneath it. Does the Welfare State rob Europe of its get-up-and-go? Entrepreneurs sound off about the entrepreneurial climate in Europe and the world at large.Speakers:
Bjorgulfur Thor Bjorgolfsson
Novator, UK
Ron Kok
OTB Group BV, The Netherlands

Samy Liechti

Morten Lund
Managing Partner

Bruce Upbin
Senior Editor
Forbes magazine

– who said lucky 🙂


Actually I have ow Mr. clausen – from Danfoss one – since he shamelssly promoted me at yesterdays dinner. The whole crowd was so allive – and off course the networking part was World Cup Class 😉 – to my surprise the Royal Danish Kornprins – gave a very good speach – elaborating better on the MEANING OF THE SUMMIT – then the last 2 panels yesterday 😉



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