Ohh my God

Posted on May 12, 2006. Filed under: act, people, think, Weird Stuff |

I had a fantastic conversation the other day – about religion, politics, money as religion and all the stuff that is nearly to dangerous to touch these days. And I have to say that Im rally in extreme doubts about these questions. I would love to be the kind of dude who just has an opinion – but Im really changing my mind oftenly. But I would like:
* to make religions be VERY EVERYTHING to its users – but without being defined by hitting a something else…
* to make money/materialism become less of a religion
* to get marketing out of the game as a religion
* to find some cure for the 2,4bio people who go to bed hungry daily

Im getting afraid of just being a happy go lucky greedy materilistic fuck – who will do no change (or have tried to) in this life.

Looking at what I just wrote – I see the problem: It sounds patetic, naiv and stupid to have such goals. Darn!

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5 Responses to “Ohh my God”

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> Looking at what I just wrote – I see the problem: It sounds patetic, naiv and stupid to have such goals. Darn!

NO, Morten., It just makes you look human! 🙂

Just stop making money of non-permanent-value-creating virtual economy in IT marketing and start making money in technologies that touch and change the lives of the masses for the better.

Then you can get filthy rich and go to sleep knowing that your insight, knowledge, hard work and dedication will make this planet an objectively better place for mankind.

Fun fun fun.

this is spot on ! (but I have no other knowledge then what I do)

Well, you can’t just go rallying into filantropic ventures, just because it makes people feel better about themselves. I am convinced that the path we are on, starting up new things and new ideas, will drag new people into it all, the industry, and ultimately spreading wealth and knowhow. That is the key to stop hunger and poverty. Just keep doing the things you do, and one day you will discover, that you actually did some good in the world.

Met Loek van den Boog at Etre two years ago – he is running a great initiative to make this world a better place with help of technology. Visit http://www.net4kids.nl

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