2.0 or Just Fashionable Evolution ?

Posted on April 30, 2006. Filed under: bizz, buz, web |

Web business has a glimse of FASHION (people want new just to get new) – and for the smart (anti Yuppie) new generation of Startups (development companies) the initial cost of TAKING ON THE BIG ESTABLISHMENT IS VERY LOW. I have earlier been mentioning the Wunderkids from 37signals – with probably more users of their NO BRAINIER WEBSERVICES (not negative) in the SMB segment then Microsoft Business Solutions and for sure SAP. Not to mention www.successfactors.com who have +1,5mio B2B users on their people management ASP solution 😉 – BRAVO BINGO – go home Mr. Selfish SuperEgo EllisonCopy Salesforce.com.

Im fallow a bit in love with the hyped guys at Shopify – who are smarter then the rest.
1) Shopify did a small friends and family round (Aug. 2005)
1A) – the founders don’t take salary (love it !)
1AA) – that gives them 12 more months

2) – they use free software (

Ruby, bit too hyped though


3) – they play the buzz game better then even Mcculley Culkin in the early 90�ies. Even without launching (could backfire – but better the being stealth for life 😉


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2 Responses to “2.0 or Just Fashionable Evolution ?”

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Successfactors ??!!
Speaking of entrepreneurship, there is a REASON why people becomes consultants for other companies. And guess what ? It is because they extremely successfull themselves, ha ha.

But I guess somebody is stupid enough to be impressed by their website.

As an MBA, I can assure you that building strategies and make people adopt a vision takes MUCH longer that a 24 hours service.

So maybe, just easy money here and now (and run later).

Shopify > I’ve been part of the private beta for about a month. It’s very cool. Much better than out-of-the box e-commerce solutions available today through e.g. Yahoo.

For larger merchants it can be fairly expensive: 3,75% of the revenue. Then you need to add a percentage to the payment gateway provider e.g. Paypal (2%-3%). For smaller merchants performance based pricing is probably a very attractive.

I think in some way that Shopify could do to e-commerce what blogs have done to CMS/Web publishing … Maybe. Opening a shop online should be a walk in the park – maybe on a rainy day, but still…

If anybody need to talk to a great e-commerce designer/developer who knows about Shopify then I can recommend Cliff Spence of http://www.promotionsickness.com.

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