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Why didn?t I hear about this one until knoe ?The Corporation : Film


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4 Responses to “Blockbuster”

RSS Feed for It´s all about luck – and optimising the 650k hours in life Comments RSS Feed in reviews only topped by “The Godfather part 1”, I think. Looking forward to watching “The Corp.”, strangely I didn’t hear of it either.


It’s pretty cool, and some great minds get to comment on the (sad) state of business today.

I will say, though, that they take a uniformly negative view of business, always looking at the worst actions by the worst companies.

There are also good companies out there, and more appear constantly.

I can totally recommend it.

But yes – it is another march by the lefties.
I guess thats also why the guys at are pretty damn happy about it even though its not quite feisty enough, they say. Sure, it wont change the world but nothing really does, except time, meteors and eventually Google.

The corporation is a little more intellectualized than the traditional populism of Michael Moore. The narrative is pretty tight creating the illusion of an almost scientific approach. Well, the whole premise is a scientific psychological approach and this is one of the things that make this doc much more interesting than you average cultural study. The aesthetics are great (still it doesnt come close to The Kid Stays In the Picture) which for me is always a plus.

Other docs you might enjoy:

Control Room
Super Size Me
The Yes Men
The Kid Stays In the Picture


Do not worry; you cannot always be the innovator.

The film, however, has not much to do with lefties (cf. Wulff) etc. It just asks two simple and legitimate questions:

(1) Should society grant companies/ institutions limited liability status?
(2) If yes, what should society expect in return?

I would be quite interested what your (Morten) view on this is, after you saw the film of course. What should we expect from companies in return for limited liability: only profits

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