Happy New Year

Posted on December 31, 2005. Filed under: diary, Happy, Life |

I have had a crazy (positive) 2005
– hope u did too. (Im still with my wife !!)

I have had no major illness or
death close to me this year
– and feel lucky. Hope u do 2.

I hope 2006 will be good for you and
me – and FUN!

I dream about a world with more
equal opertunities for all and less
materialistic focus… I get a bit
scared when I think of China and
India (I feel happy about investing
there) – but I know 30-40% of the
population migth be very hungry
when they go to bed…

Remember the fun in 2006 – problems
will drop by no matter what 😉

*and NO Im not trying to do any Bono stuff here Im just his biggest fan.

**please comment


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7 Responses to “Happy New Year”

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The problems the world is facing are, as always, complex, intricate, difficult and so on.

There are so many issues and parameters that are to be considered when assesing the most acute and relevant problems. E.g. if the entire population of India and China were to instantly reach our level of consumption of various things, what would happen to the environment? Can the world cope with 2 billion more cars? Can the world cope with the massive growth in inefficient powerplants like in China? Is the world geared for 6-7 billion FULLSCALE consumers?

I am not the one to be cynical, and I am not an advocate of leaving the poor in poverty. I am just asking the right questions.

Happy New Year Morten.
Thanks for 2005, looking forward to 2006. I’ll do my little share in making the world of technology more environmentally correct in 06. You feed some poor people. Together, we make a little difference 🙂

Hey…Wish you happy New Year Morten. Good thought, Mads.

Being from India myself, its like two different world’s in here – one which the urban bangaloresque the world seems to know and perhaps be scared of for whatever reason and the other being the rural India where basic infrastructure like electricity, roads, clean drinking water etc is still a BIG DEAL.

The trickle-down gloss of prosperity has not permeated down below all that quickly, and perhaps is thus fuelling the gap between haves and haves not.

Although the state is doing its bit in bridging the gap but somehow there is an abundant opportunity for entrepreneurs to look at poverty not as something to feel sorry about but as a business challenge. There is wealth at the bottom of the pyramid as C.K. Prahalad would want us to believe, and this is true not just for the poor people of India but world over who survive on less than a $ a day.

Perhaps to give an example of one such attempt at tapping wealth at the bottom of the pyramid is the e-chouppal scheme of a reputed company in India. The scheme e-enables the farmers in remote villages to use technology for selling their produce directly to the intended buyers thus eliminating the middlemen Also it enables the farmers to know the best agricultural practices so as to maximise their produce and also provides them with information about the weather conditions, allowing the farmers to plan accordingly.

The scheme just perhaps is prevalent in a few hundred or thousand villages and is already being touted as a success. Consider its impact when it would cover the 600,000 villages which India has and the fact that presently over 60% of Indias population is dependent on agriculture.

Again this sure aint bono stuff, but I do like bono myself.perhaps his Some times you cant make it on your own the most.


Thanx – sugar info ! Keep it comming.

You have a Happy New year too Morten. Maybe you can do us the honor and “show up” in Romania, for our team spirit 🙂

Anyway, I and the whole Bullguard team (i guess Theis is the first) wish you the best for this year.

And god speed with all the other personal things too. We can’t forget these 🙂

Thanks for beeing alive 🙂

Happy New Year Morten.
Best of Luck in 2006

Happy New Year to you Morten.
So grateful for your friendly support and thoughts in 2005.
Wish you all the best in 2006.

Happy New Year, Morten

This is the first time that I can see your blogs since I have problem visiting your site from China.

Hope to keep up with your ideas and always look forward to knowing news from you.

Yuzhu…@ Las Vegas

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