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Whats Google doing – with all those aquisitions.
Well this turned out easy – since this brilliant blog tell me

Seo By The Sea – lines up all the aqusitions here – and the abstract of that post – must be LOCAL AND MAPS AND MORE CONTEXTUAL. No wonder – thay have the killer revenuestream from ADWORDS and ADSENSE – and hey still have LOCAL + LANGUAGES + LOST OF WORDS COMMING INTO THE MACHINERY TO DRIVE UP THE PRICES + MOBILE… This company has the greatest of all futures – like Alta Vista had back then 😉

Thanx to Morten Wittrock for the link.


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One Response to “I WONDER (Part II)”

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Dear Mr. Lund,

I have been reading your blog every now and then and find it insightful a lot of times. I have a question which you hopefully can help me with.

If you were 24, just graduated business school in Europe, what would you think would be a good area to work in? What would you do?

Since you see so many interesting companies and areas all over the world I hope you can give me some insights. Maybe you could put it on the blog or send it to ireallycantsleep@gmail.com

Thank you for your time and best wishes to you and yours for 2006.

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