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Happy New Year

Posted on December 31, 2005. Filed under: diary, Happy, Life |

I have had a crazy (positive) 2005
– hope u did too. (Im still with my wife !!)

I have had no major illness or
death close to me this year
– and feel lucky. Hope u do 2.

I hope 2006 will be good for you and
me – and FUN!

I dream about a world with more
equal opertunities for all and less
materialistic focus… I get a bit
scared when I think of China and
India (I feel happy about investing
there) – but I know 30-40% of the
population migth be very hungry
when they go to bed…

Remember the fun in 2006 – problems
will drop by no matter what 😉

*and NO Im not trying to do any Bono stuff here Im just his biggest fan.

**please comment

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Posted on December 29, 2005. Filed under: people, smarter |

What does it take for the next generation online business superstars – we Martin is a good example:

Martin Schaedel is by far the most shining star on talent scene in the internet industry. At Lund & Kenner we are very proud to have Martin in our team. We do not blieve en veru tigth structures – but we have already partnered with Martin on a couple of projects. The real value of a tommorows superstar like Martin – is not only the speed of neural network in the brain – its way more about understanding online business – knowing information from propagande and understanding the difference between paid search and natural listings and take it into brick and morter business. (Well maybe people who read this – doesnt even know this 😉

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Posted on December 27, 2005. Filed under: google, web |

Whats Google doing – with all those aquisitions.
Well this turned out easy – since this brilliant blog tell me

Seo By The Sea – lines up all the aqusitions here – and the abstract of that post – must be LOCAL AND MAPS AND MORE CONTEXTUAL. No wonder – thay have the killer revenuestream from ADWORDS and ADSENSE – and hey still have LOCAL + LANGUAGES + LOST OF WORDS COMMING INTO THE MACHINERY TO DRIVE UP THE PRICES + MOBILE… This company has the greatest of all futures – like Alta Vista had back then 😉

Thanx to Morten Wittrock for the link.

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I WONDER (PART I): Icelandic Viking Caital

Posted on December 27, 2005. Filed under: Denmark, finance |

The Iceladic Capital is slowly taking over a lot of Danish and British companies in very agressive and yet simple constructions. They simple use the leveraged buyot model (you pactically buy a company via taking loans in their own assets like buildings and cashflow) – but I dont understand how this TINY TINY nation can poduce such an agressive style and EXECUTE IT. Im VERY impressed with the execution: Our low cost Airline, Our ShoppingMalliant, Our Bank for B2B… all taken over over nigth – with no bullshit (yet) style – just pure execution.

And Im NOT NEGATIVE or DEPRESSED – nope – Im impressed and happy to see some young (pretty young) dudes taking a hit at the establishment – AND I DONT CARE IF IT WILL SURVIVE or IF ITS LONG LASTING – since most of these companies would have gone bankrupt any. I just like the approach and I think I know better then quite a lot of people that you have to shoot a lot to make a homerun ‘,)

I migth be a little jaloux (positivly – I use jalouxi as a driver) at the fact – that its not me being on board in these tranactions. Since buying a SUPERMALL WITH PRESENCE IN 5 CITIES – next to nothing – by selling the property is smart. Specially if you also own some of the largest fasions retailers in UK. I hope that these guys have capital reserves to keep up with the speed – and that they can make some exits to keep up.

NOTE: The common saying here in denmark – is that the whole Icelandic phenomenon is sponsered by Russian money and made by insider trading – but I dont buy into that. Well DENMARK is more or less Maersk and his boards and his network all over (could be called INSIDER AS WELL) – and Iceland is a very small country and that means means a small business network. For the Russian thing – well whats wrong with Russian money (well some are Oligark money made – in maybe suspicious mannors – and should be avaoided 100%) but I see no difference to American, Japanese or German money. I like that Rusia is taking off – and if the guys choose to buy a football clud in Chelsea or Invest via Iceland fine with me. very fine.

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My beloved family

Posted on December 27, 2005. Filed under: family, Happy, kids, laura, linus |

Just had to upload this – Im not sure that I have other real good pictures of the kids 🙂

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New cam

Posted on December 25, 2005. Filed under: photo |

Just tried this superb Canon EOS

Hlins Mac homepage

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Trying Mac

Posted on December 23, 2005. Filed under: apple, photo |

My first post from a Mac 🙂 – I have to say that this stuff is niiiiice. DAMMIT.

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Super equipment

Posted on December 21, 2005. Filed under: family, laura, photo |

Had a visit today from P. Wessel – to have some pictures taken – I tried his Canon camera – AMAZING – I think I need to buy one.

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Zyb & Hello in joint venture

Posted on December 21, 2005. Filed under: hello, VentureOfMine |

I cant even exress how happy I get when 2 og my companies get together and do EXTRAORDENARY THINGS – Zyb got some help from the Hello guys 😉

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The big guys reachiing

Posted on December 20, 2005. Filed under: m&a, web |

out for low end businessIBM – Small & Medium Business – Managed services for e-mail security – United States

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