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Jay Penske is becomming a real Tycoon no doubt – ind this FireFly things is just a proof of true world class entrepaneuership. CONGRATS DUDE.

You better come the hair well and dress up…

CHICAGO, Ill. � Nov. 15, 2005 � Firefly Mobile today announced the Firefly phone has won the prestigious 2006 CES Innovation Award, presented by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).


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Well – Jay is the founder – and since I only know him…

I worked at Toys R us when Jay Penske was trying to get Firefly on the shelves of TRU, he was Chairman then, so he should definitely be congratulated

This phone is very cool, is it out in Germany yet? or Europe at all?

they’re both losers. its a lame phone. Don’s idea is stupid, and Jay should stay close to daddy.

W Magazine, December 2004

the entrepreneur
Forget the billion-dollar name – 25 year-old Jay Penske has his own big ideas.

Jay Penske is a billion-dollar heir but he wants to be a self-made man. Instead of joining the family automobile and trucking business, he’s building his own company – make that companies – from scratch.
Penske’s Zen-like calm and sun-kissed features belie his brutal work schedule: The 25-year-old says he sleeps just four hours a night. “This is the right time for me to be working this hard,” he reasons. “Being young, my body can stand 16- to 18-hour workdays.” (Maybe his love life can’t; last year, Penske reportedly jettisoned his girlfriend, actress Lara Flynn Boyle, when he found her too high-maintenance.)
“Business is truly what I love,” Penske says, fondly recalling his first fling – while still a Wharton student – with a venture capital fund that had him ricocheting around the globe to invest in tech start-ups. Two and a half years ago, he moved to Los Angeles to start Velocity Service, Inc., which sells “branded communications services.” (Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak sits on the advisory board.) Then came Firefly, one of those ideas that makes you smack your head and wonder why you didn’t think of it first. Starting this holiday season, Firefly will introduce cell phones for children, preprogrammed with just a few numbers: Mom, Dad, and 911.
Penske’s third venture, Dragon Books, is rather more eccentric. An inveterate book collector, Penske launched it as a Web site for antiquarian volumes. In February, he’ll open a bricks-and-mortar headquarters and shop in Malibu. It’s what the rest of us would call a hobby.
As for those who would say any son could make a small fortune when Daddy has a large fortune, Penske notes that his father, former race-car driver Roger Penske, has never invested with him. “He’s been tremendously helpful with advice,” says Penske, “but mostly by the example he set.” -Kevin West (W Magazine)

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