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I have to RePost this – my favorite VC link Bessemer Venture Partners – Our Portfolio – its something as unusual as a selfIronic VC – I fucking love it.

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BullGuard in PC mag

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Product News from PC Magazine: BullGuard Internet Security 6.0: “BullGuard Internet Security 6.0 includes antivirus, firewall, and spam filter modules, as you’d expect in a security suite. But just in case the worst happens, it also offers automatic offsite encrypted backup of essential files on BullGuard’s servers. One GB of storage is standard, but you can pay for more if needed. The antivirus and firewall are licensed from well-regarded vendors (BitDefender and Sygate respectively) while the spam filter. Backup and overall integration are BullGuard’s own. This version includes an all-new spam filter engine with anti-phishing protection and enhanced antivirus and backup modules.”

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I think Wall Street is strange

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When Google went public is was in SF and the hype was not to high – it took them WallStreet guys 4 months to get it. And now with Ebay becomming the worlds biggest and most global VOIP Telco (with ALL THE ENDLESS problems it will give to ORDENARY TELCOS – who live from artificially high international roaming) – I still wait for the value to get into the WallStreet dudes heads.

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This blog is the most forefront blogger style Ive ever seen – and this post show it vell -> Nanotech Starts Small… |

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Pics reorganized

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I moved my picture to where they belong – sorry for the in conviniece for all you RSS鲳.

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Online bizz is ever growing

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My Cousin is movign into online hardware sales Dagbladet Online – Roskilde (in Danish)

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ASIA 100

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All the companies Im taliking to in Asia – was selected TOP100 Asia – nitfty 😉

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Cola as a drug ?

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Things grow better with Coke

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Well I think I need to explain. Im working class – and I have entered ventures since I was 19. I never had a JOB – therefor I never had a promotion – but selling a company is ALL THE ACKNOWLEGEMENT I can get – and I really enjoy it ! Off course the money is VERY NICE – but hey – Im already overweigth and can only eat 3-4 times a day – and I dont like cars and bling bling..

Thinking about calling my venture arm: Working Class Ventures… 🙂

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– TheHornestStory –
Im a very very happy mann today.

I met Janus and Niklas during our consulting days – at NeoIdeo – where they took all business away from us ;( – then 18months after we sold Neo Ideo to Leo Burnett and I had Prey4 (the incubator backed by SparNord) suddenly Janus called me to Pitch Kazaa their new StartUp (with a 100% iTunes idea – I still have the plan – and can only say FUCK THE RECORD INDUSTRY for being som lame – and only daring to give the LICENSES TO Steve Jobs (iTunes)).

Then my incubator went out of business – and I helped Janus and Niklas on the Kazza a bit – Then they sold to Sharman – and I invented the BullGuard Concept…

Then came Skype – this crazy idea – that I never believed in. I told the guys – that they where just bored and had nothing to do – and I never believed in it…. Even though I helped pitching to Venture Capitalists and started building the brand – and eventually had to invest a bit – since they wheere out of money – LIKE IN – OUT OF MONEY. The rest is history – hard work and network – and insane high evaluations – and “in my opinion – THE BRAND CALLED NIK & JAY”…

Personally –
I live from investing and I?m not only happy becomming pretty much more wealthy – thats not really new… The good thing is that I can take away a lot of presure from myself.
Due to my PSYKO AGRESSIVE investment style – I’ve been havign very big trouble getting enough cash to invest with the speed of the last 36 months – meaning that I?ve nearly been out of money – but now I will enjoy a little peace – and PUT THE VOLUE TO 10 😉

BullGuard, Consumer security software
TalkTown, Groupware (DEAD)
Doomtools, Spy & PopUp killer (DEAD)

Spleak, virtual communication

Zyb, Global SMS gateway

Aresa, BioTech detecting landmines

MobileWeaver, Software for mobiles

MediaMobsters, Computer games and more (DEAD)

Maxthon, the no.1 browser in China

Damai, the luxury hotel in Bali

iWall, upcoming photo service

HelloBrand, brand consulting

And just upcomming ->
Excitor, Secure mobile Email and Mobile Fleed management
Kontera, contextual advertising
TellItOnline, hardware with technology
The Lund&Partners China Fund 20mio$, investing in Mobile Media & Technology
Demib Inc, blogging for the better
Vacationvalley, 7000 vacationhouses for rent…
NEAR – Nano Enabling the Afrcan Region…

I hope to have enough self controle not to “over invest – but Im really gettting ready !”

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