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I bet a lot of all you HIGHLY VALUED READERS – are very much into startups and entrepreneurship – and here is a VERY IMPORATANT LESSON I JUST GOT COMFIRMED YESTERDAY.

Venture Capital firms get so so so many business plans and ideas – that its hard for them to EVALUATE ALL – and dig into everything. So 2 pretty big VCs confirmed to me yesterday that they have an overall ruler that goes like this: “If a STARTUP dont know – someone we know (thereby armslength of trust) – the they will probobly not make it to market and succes….”


Hope this makes a bit sense – chill.


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Yep defently true, can’t remember the stats, but in one of the last few pages in Eboys, the book about Benchmark Capital (Who was first VC for ebay) they got something like 5000 plans and only invested in a few, and every single one was through a friend, or a recommendation except one, now you just need to start responding to your mail and we’ll be back on track 🙂

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