Bullguard´s moving

Posted on March 13, 2005. Filed under: Uncategorized |

We are on a good track – and not only the telco’s around the world are testing our software – also the press is picking up ->
Ekstra Bladet


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5 Responses to “Bullguard´s moving”

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Hello, regarding bullguard support, i call it bullshit support, the person Marius was abusive and abrupt.

Well this hurts me. But I respect your opinion / and will imidiatly dig into it.
Morre info in 30min

This global scare of mobile viruses is, in my humble opinion, getting blown a little out proportions by the press and the anti virus companies. It’s all about rumors and never about facts, reading the article from Ekstra Bladet is just another example of this. Let’s face it, a virus is not going to spread world wide through bluetooth. There is just too many barriers, the largest and most important being distance but also the lack of a self-installing feature and the amount of phones with bluetooth connectivity turned on is going to stop any attempt on spreading viruses through bluotooth. Yes, we have seen the first virus which spread via mms, this removes the argument about distance but leaves the two other arguments in place. I do not doubt that we some day will have a world wide spreading mobile virus and I appreciate that companies like BullGuard is taken this matter seriously, but it does not suit the anti virus companies when they support the press in their ignorance. Just my 25 cent. /cheers

First of all thanx for taking time to think and write about this topic. – Well – I think this is starting to get really intereting – since you have a very strong point regarding the bluetooth for sure and then predicting that day when its jumps to something in between is impossible – unless you can read in hands of course 🙂 – and that goes in both direction. But did we go over that that fine line with the article in EB – Im not sure – i actually tried to use my hornest opinion and not my marketing or sales genes!

Maybe I should take off annonmous comments – since the first COMMEN in here is absurd – made by an absurd person – wasting an absurd amount of my time. The whole story is explained here as pdf’ed email

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