PocketPC with SIMcard – has changed my life

Posted on February 19, 2005. Filed under: Uncategorized |

This Qtek 100S or i-Mate Jam – produced by HTC from Taiwan – has really changed my life. The PocketPC software is getting really good – SMSing in outlook style makes me happy – and the 1,3pix cam and Mp3 player kills the iPod.

For factor is absolutely great.
WOW Im positive – even though the camera is basicly shit 😉 – and WiFi is not standard 😉


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4 Responses to “PocketPC with SIMcard – has changed my life”

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errr… “ipod killer”… i think not… wishfull thinking for you maybe, but hardly the reality.

Dont take it personally – I LOVE iPods and all the stuff around it- but it will be like everything else from Apple – Superb FirstMover and OVER 🙂

A succesful IT company is one that is a “superb firstmover and then over.”

There is no point as an American IT company in dominating a market that doesn’t require ingenuity. Once 10 year old working in a Chinese sweatshop can make an iPod clone, the game is lost and Apple will have to move on. Dell and others compete in that market, like Toyota and Volkswagen compete in the same market in the car sector. Apple, like BMW, competes in a different part of the market (and winds up with a similar market share).

Apple has always been good at identifying what the next big thing is going to be (just look at Norton). Their problem has been staying in the market once they’ve invented it. Since Jobs came back, they’ve had the courage to stick to their guns when they go for something and have also been bringing the price down. Clearly they’ve decided to stay in markets a little longer and to touch them a bit more deeply.

As a result, most of their range has been around for quite a long time. When were the PowerMac, PowerBook, iMac ranges launched? Those products are far from being over!

ok ok – point taken.

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