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Im I loosing it to pure capitalism

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There is no inner part of me who can get really upset about the whole process around the new Dansish Opera – and that worries me. Maersk (the only real SUPER TYCOON in Denmark) has made a 3bio DKR donation to the state – and DICTATED LOKKS AND FEEL of a GIANT NEW OPERA HOUSE – and with his superior business sence he has made the state commit to running cost. Is it too smart – or just the way love goes ?

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A big Dane is dead

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If I have any Danish business mentors it migth be Brask – this 100% selvmade guy – who all his life have believed in keeping the money “ACTIVE and INVESTED”. To bad I never met him.

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Niklas as a younggloballeader’

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It’s nice to se that even though the people at World Economic Forum are extremely wrong by choosing Mr. Lomborg as a danish contributer – they found the perfect mann in Niklas – a real leader 🙂 – see the list ->

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To Cool – why isnt it a PC

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Photos: Scenes from Macworld

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Skype creating hype

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This is HUGE InformationWeek > VoIP > Pulver Communicates Liking For Skype VoIP > januar 6, 2005

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Blogging has just only started

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In Korea is seam to take off faster then a new Gaming Console Souped-up blog takes South Korea by storm – from HT.

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We are all touched by the sad sad situation

Posted on January 2, 2005. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Peter (our VP of sales at BullGuard) has been more then lucky to survive the tsunami in Sri Lanka – and my family has been VERY DEEPLY TOUCHED BY IT. Im think is terrible and I feel very bad for all the people in those countries who have lost their loved ones. VERY SAD.

But – AND THERE IS A BUT- why are we so MEDIA CENTRIC in everything we do thing and mean. The are more people dying in Sudan form HUNGER (and it been like that for years) then the TSUNAMI in Asia – and we neglect it – and dont put it into news, new year parties and speaches. SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE – its all sad – very sad – but I just hate the fact that we have so much more attention on “last accident” – then the global cronic problems.

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