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Skype rocks !!!

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RED HERRING | Bride of Kazaa

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Tv ratings

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This is one of the funny things about media – MASH is still all time high 🙂 Top 10 Ratings: Top Network Telecasts of All Time

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CALLING EARTH – im in heaven

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I’ve been so extremely fortunate to be invited to the DFJ CEO SUMMIT – and I do feel like a little boy with a free pass to the worlds biggest candy store. The People here are cutting edge world leading entrepanuers – and They are nice brads most of them.

During the day there are Various sessions – Sales Strategy / Mobile Future / Motivating a TEAM… And here I got to sit with 12-30 person groups who all had the same POSITIVE PROBLEMS – and HIGH ambitions – talking 100% open on how to hire, fire, change sales strategy… 100% Amassing !

The VCs – like nearly all persons I’ve met in person – are 99% really nice guys. And even though the American Cheerleader Gene breaks trough some OVER IMPRESSED CEO’s who starts “teenage girl jiggling” – when ever the Rockstar Friendly Godfather of RealRisktaking VC – Tim Draper opens his mouth – this is impressive. Tim, Steve and John – the founders are world league – not only in strategy and execution – but also in making you feel like they actually care – IMPRESSIVE !!!!!

My ears are no longer Virgin to the phrase: “After my 3rd IPO” – that’s really surreal – that the “Start a business DRUG” is so addictive – that people NEVER STOP – and some apparently are so good that they can do more then 3. LOL

Draper Fisher Jurvetson – Information Technology Venture Capital

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One of the nicest places in SoCal

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This is a pretty nice place The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay – California

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Get a fine for using outsourcing

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Im so choked. The danish Unions for Clerks – have posted the most insane idea I’ve ever seen: Fines for outsourcing -> – daglige nyheder til it professionelle – Denmark has a uniwue oppertunity in using outsourching in a smart and efficient way – since we are educated to think and manage information. I’ve made lts of concepts and two companies on this idea – and created quite some jobs – AND NOW THE UNIONS WAKE UP – fucking misunderstands the whole picture.
WARNING take care with poeple who go to work – just to verify a pay check – and NEVER TO MAKE A DIFFERNCE.

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