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A very big day in my life

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BullGuard has been named official Microsoft security partner, and I have to admit that it really means a lot to me – to see my 4th child grow up so fast and smart. I ow the BullGuard team everything on this – wow I’ve been lucky in hirering…

(see the Guide selfpromo graphics )

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Royal wedding in Denmark

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Denmark is the oldest monarki, and our crownprince Frederik was married to today to the Australian girl Mary. This royalty is givnin me problems – it’s one of the few questions ever – where I have NO OPINION :/


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When a person grow – like a flower

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I’m a very lucky dude, and I take high risk in a lot of my decisions. One was to hire Thomas Andreasen to do setup our server and hardware in BullGuard. Thomas was everything but a senior 16 months ago when we started working together – but he had the will and self confidence to grow. And now he just getting there – not perfect (but who is) – but the best I could dream of!! He 6m high by now if he had grown physically equivalent 😉

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I know that a lot you you people out there have been thinking: He is just in security because of the fast money and easy selling.

But here is the proof that BullGad in not just “in a hurry made software” – we are No.1. in the world with cures:

Response times of AV companies (CET) to the outbreak of W32/Sober.C (worm discovered 2003-12-20 at 03:00 h).

Product Time of response
BitDefender/BullGuard 2003-12-20 at 13:20 h
Kaspersky 2003-12-20 at 14:45 h
F-Prot (Frisk) 2003-12-20 at 15:25 h
F-Secure 2003-12-20 at 15:45 h
Norman 2003-12-20 at 18:25 h
eSafe (Aladdin) 2003-12-20 at 18:35 h
Trend Micro 2003-12-20 at 19:50 h
AVG (Grisoft) 2003-12-20 at 20:15 h
AntiVir (H+BEDV) 2003-12-20 at 22:20 h
Symantec 2003-12-21 at 04:05 h (14h later)
Avast! (Alwil) 2003-12-21 at 09:55 h
Sophos 2003-12-21 at 14:35 h
Panda AV 2003-12-21 at 17:05 h
McAfee/NAI 2003-12-22 at 04:10 h (23h later)
Ikarus 2003-12-22 at 10:35 h
eTrust (CA) 2003-12-22 at 17:50 h
AVK (G Data) 2003-12-23 at 23:50 h

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Posted on May 7, 2004. Filed under: Uncategorized |

It’s killing me – thinking of Google – and the hype and the potential. I would love to have a sharp answer saying: They are so fucking overrated[period]. But I just cant.

PRO 20bio$ evaluation:
The adwords ha only just begon, people can bid on the most strange words.

$1.99 Live Certified Tarot Readings
Love and money answers. Full access to 21 experienced readers you can see live online. 24/7 access. Many bonus features.
(Advertiser’s Max Bid: $0.28)

This avertiser is willing to pay 0.28$ if a users do a search on “TARROT”.

Imagine if you build a matrix with ALL THE WORDS AND PHRASES in the world – and imagine when people/business get fully matrued in bidding and mesurering this. Multiply the potential – with localisation (then the word plummer has value) – and then multiply again with the languages of the world – and then multiply again with global penetration of online usage. HOLLY MOSES – this means reveue streams.

didnt we all thin altavista was unbeatable.

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Father and Son Prentice

Posted on May 1, 2004. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Last week we had one of those few dinners – that turn out to be a lasting memmory. Not only did Niklas fnatastic wife Catherine make a fantastic Frensh “dinnner””. But Geoffrey had his dad with him and it was so cool. Not only was jef’s dad a real mann – with workingclass background but also likeable like few.

Note: I miss bringing our elderly family members into the western “semy” smartass abitious lifestyles..

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