Jonas Frost is the coolest forefront programmer, thinker i know

Posted on November 5, 2003. Filed under: Uncategorized |

He just arrived home fom Microsoft PDC 2003
in LA I asked him:

>What was the top5 coolest things (one liners – I post them on my blog)

1. Avalon (the new presentation layer in Longhorn)

(Killer!!.. Really gonna change a lot of things
regarding using web sites vs. applications etc!!)

2. Indigo (the new comunication layer in Longhorn, actually gonna be released as a seperat install for WinXP and later)

Indigo is the toolset and services to write and
communicate with webservices etc.

Indigo + Avalon is the combination to write the
absolutley coolest applications you can imagine.

3. WinFS, This is the new filesystem on Longhorn. It’s actually only a layer on top of the wellknown NTFS (wich also have a lot of new improvements).

WinFS will be the natrual storage for common “things”
such as Contacts, Mail, etc… This way there will allways be a common way to acces your callendar, mail, contacts and this in turn will enable rich applications to integrate seamlessly to this kind of resources.

WinFS also makes it very easy to extend and add new
types of information. I.e. your application might want to add some extra fields of information to the Contcact (Person?) type.


4. Microsoft SQL Server ‘Yokun’.
a) Allows developers to write stored procedues in CLR languages such as C# and VB.NET

b) Allows stored procedures to be published as web

c) Native XML Column support!

d) User defined column types


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