Mr. Trent Carter RULES

Posted on January 3, 2002. Filed under: Uncategorized |


I’ve been talking to any hotshot on earth about 802.11 – PhD?s, Professors, Smelly CEO’s and Cool Sales guys – but all of them have been full of BLUFF & BULLSHIT. An then yesterday I had a GOOOD experience – I have been mailing with Trent – and HE CALLED ME. It seems like big COMPNIES – after recession – have made a Cooperate Politic – about acting like assholes (CISCO as number one – BUSH WOULD SAY – MAJOR LEAUGE…) – BUT MR. INTERSIL is the exception that proves the rule. He answered all my questions – and added a lot of knowledge – NICE. Well DEAR VALUED READER – now you’ve been using 40 sec’s reading this and I’ll give you some 802.11 INFO PORN. 802.11b (11Mb in the 2,4Ghz band) is huge – brilliant and genius – but this autumn Intel released a 802.11a (52Mb in the 5Ghz band NOT 802.11b compatible) series of products – and was supposed to be revolutionary. But as Trent told me – and I partly already discovered – the 802.11g (52Mb in the 2,4Ghz band) wil be the killer standard of several reasons. One it’s backward compatible. TWO is allowed worldwide. It’s a part of the revolution – LEAN BACK – and look forward to throw away all your cables – and remember that the major Telco’s have paid ZILLIONS (and are nearly broke) because of 3G (2-3MB in the 30Ghz band) – WISE GUYS 😉

PS. IEEE approved the standars from INTERSIL 😉


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